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Coring-Fluid Invasion Measurement

When drilling wells it is critical that reservoir fluid properties are accurately measured. Any interference due to invasion of oil or water based drilling fluids during drilling activities must be discounted during formation fluid analysis. The Tracerco Core Invasion Measurement technique is used to determine the level of drilling fluid invasion into formation samples. Prior to the start of drilling operations through a zone of interest, a specialist oil or water compatible chemical tracer is added to the mud system providing a constant concentration of tracer throughout the drilling mud system.

For Core Invasion Measurement, as drilling progress a series of mud samples are taken at specific drilling depths. Interpretation of the mud sample and core fluid tracer concentration analysis provides:

  • A tracer/drilling mud concentration ratio at vertical depths.
  • Extracted core tracer/drilling mud concentration at specific vertical depths.
  • Percentage of drilling mud core invasion, calculated from ratio analysis.

"Use Tracerco to more accurately measure in-situ fluid saturation, formation brine salinity and original water saturation"

Coring-Fluid Invasion Measurement

In addition, contamination of bottom hole samples can be measured using the same technique.

Case Studies

Radiochemical Analysis

Drilling Mud Core Invasion Measurement - Oil Based Drilling Mud

A customer needed to measure the degree of fluid invasion during formation core drilling activities in order to accurately assess the amount of original oil in place.


Through our global network, we offer local reservoir tracer project management to meet your reservoir flow measurement needs wherever you are in the world.

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