Rapid insight-driven responses

Tracerco’s NemesisTM analyser is a transportable Gas Chromatography fuel marking system to detect launder-resistant forensic markers. It can be placed in any vehicle and allows the rapid measurement of our markers in the field.

Markers are added at very low levels and don’t affect the colour or quality of the fuel. Results are available in minutes, and due to its high accuracy, detection can be down to extremely low levels of adulteration in the field.

NemesisTM markers provide unparalleled sensitivity and specificity and can be used with multiple fuel types.  When combined with Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, results are internationally accepted as evidence in a court of law for prosecutions.

NemesisTM is fully compatible with TagTraxTM, Tracerco’s cloud-based reporting and project management system. TagTraxTM provides immediate, secure access to results for our customers, allowing a rapid response to identify incidents of fuel adulteration.

Tracerco is at the forefront of innovations in fuel security, providing the renowned TagtraxTM and VeritasTM and SensusTM services to customers.


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