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SensusTM 40 was designed for flexibility and can be used for the protection of a wide variety of products. Applications include AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid and fuel. However, SensusTM 40 can be used to detect the adulteration of other products, such as paints and agricultural chemicals.

SensusTM 40 is a truly field portable instrument for fuel adulteration analysis and brand protection. Markers are used at extremely low levels, have a unique fingerprint and benefit from rapid analysis speeds. The pocket-sized analyser gives customers the added benefit of on-the-spot detection of product substitution or dilution.

SensusTM 40 is fully compatible with TagTraxTM, Tracerco’s cloud-based reporting and project management system. TagTraxTM provides immediate, secure access to results for our customers, allowing a rapid response to identify incidents of fuel adulteration.

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