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TagTraxTM is a universal cloud-based reporting platform, designed to remotely receive and display data from all Tracerco’s fuel testing equipment. It instantly allows access to results for stakeholders from any internet-enabled device. This allows programme management teams to identify trends and fraud hotspots, qualify data, and rapidly deal with problems.

TagTraxTM has been designed to consider our customer’s needs and security. At every stage, information is securely protected to ensure access is only possible to authorised users. Results summaries, and immediate notification of failed samples, can be pushed to authorised users by email or SMS.

When combined with Tracerco’s testing solutions, such as VeritasTM, SensusTM and NemesisTM, TagTraxTM provides a secure, fully comprehensive solution that allows customers to efficiently manage their fuel marking programme.

Explore Tracerco’s range of innovative fuel marking technologies available, including VeritasTM, SensusTM and NemesisTM.


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