Insight-led fuel analysis

VeritasTM allows rapid fuel testing with minimal training. With a rugged, portable design, it can withstand the rigours of field use.

VeritasTM markers are added at very low levels, and because they only contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, they have no impact on colour, quality or any other aspect of the fuel specification.

Unlike other, less sophisticated fuel testing technologies, Veritas automatically compensates for natural variability of the fuel, ensuring accurate measurement every time.

VeritasTM is fully compatible with TagTraxTM, Tracerco’s cloud-based reporting and project management system. TagTraxTM provides immediate, secure access to results for customers, allowing a rapid response to identify incidents of fuel adulteration.

Tracerco also offer NemesisTM, SensusTM and TagtraxTM services, find the right fuel security program for your business needs.


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