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Subsea Technologies & Pipeline Inspection Diagnostics

Tracerco's field proven subsea technologies deliver real-time condition monitoring of subsea assets. Our technologies are used in the non-intrusive subsea pipeline inspection of both Download the Subsea Technologies Brochureunpiggable and piggable coated subsea pipelines to help oil and gas operators better understand flow assurance issues and ensure the integrity of their assets. This ensures that maximum production is achieved.

Flow Assurance

Flow Assurance Services

Tracerco's Flow Assurance Services can determine the exact location, extent and nature of blockages or restrictions in order for operators to take corrective action, without risking damage to the subsea pipeline, interrupting or stopping production.

Asset Integrity

Asset Integrity Services

Through the non-intrusive inspection of subsea pipelines and platform structures, Tracerco's Asset Integrity and UWILD services can eliminate costly downtime and keep production targets on track during a subsea pipeline inspection campaign.

Asset Integrity

Pipeline Life Extension

Tracerco can save you as much as 35% on the cost of Pipeline Life Extension projects by scanning through coated subsea pipelines.

Pipeline Commissioning and Decommissioning

Pipeline Commissioning and Decommissioning

Reduce the risk of environmental issues and ensure environmental compliance during commissioning and decommissioning projects by obtaining a full picture of your subsea assets.

Pipeline Commissioning and Decommissioning

Subsea Salvage

Obtain critical information on the condition of submerged vessels by identifying the presence of oil and by measuring the oil/water/gas interfaces to help reduce the impact of environmental incidents and assist with removal plans.

Our Technology

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