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Asset Integrity Services

Through the non-intrusive inspection of subsea pipelines and platform structures, Tracerco's Asset Integrity and UWILD services can eliminate costly downtime and keep production targets on track during a subsea pipeline inspection campaign.


Pipeline Integrity

Through non-intrusive inspection, integrity flaws of both piggable and unpiggable subsea pipelines can be accurately visualised online in real time. By obtaining an accurate measure of pipe wall thickness through any type of protective coating, operators can minimise production losses and eliminate the operational safety risks and costs associated with pipeline cleaning and in line inspection.

Offshore Platform Inspection

Offshore Platform Inspection

Enhanced Flooded Member Inspection (FMI) and grout density profiling

Midwater Arches and Buoyancy Tank piping

Midwater Arches and Buoyancy Tanks

Accurate and fully reliable UWILD services that provide subsea measurement for vapour/liquid interfaces contained within mid-water arches, buoyancy tanks, mooring points and other subsea equipment, providing an accurate profile of the content within a tank or vessel.

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