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Discovery™ for Subsea Pipelines

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Seeing is Believing. Discover Discovery™

Discovery™ can non-intrusively visualise wall deterioration and the contents of unpiggable coated pipelines without interrupting production. Not only can it provide accurate wall integrity data, it achieves all of this without the need to remove the pipe's protective coating or cleaning wax build-up. This reduces the risk of corrosion, eliminates the expense of deploying divers, and saves time and money by not stopping production.

Phase Measurement

Flow Assurance

Discovery™ provides flow assurance specialists with a reliable method of diagnosing flow abnormalities within pipelines without interruption to pipeline operations.

Phase Measurement

Integrity & Inspection

For the first time Discovery™ provides integrity specialists with a reliable method of diagnosing wall thinning of both pipes in a pipe-in-pipe system.

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