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Explorer™ for Flow Assurance

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Enabling an operator to PIG with confidence
Download the Explorer™ Case Study
Locating and identifying a suspected blockage

Tracerco has developed Explorer™ for Flow Assurance to provide pipeline operators with a reliable screening service to determine the location of deposition build-up for further investigation.

Explorer™ for Flow Assurance unique technology allows many kilometres of subsea pipeline to be quickly scanned, enabling the location of deposits causing flow abnormalities to be easily identified. With a typical screening speed of up to 100 metres per hour, several kilometres of line can be surveyed per shift, providing operators with a simple and convenient solution to detecting and locating content and deposit build up.

Benefits of Explorer™ for Flow Assurance:

  • Non-intrusively detect the location of deposition build up quickly without interrupting production
  • Real-time data on flow profiles
  • Monitor changes in deposition for an enhanced understanding of remediation efforts.
  • Track the flow regime at specific reference points along the pipeline
  • Quickly identify flow assurance issues that may need further investigation
  • Quickly and non-intrusively locate any lost or stuck pigs
Explorer for flow assurance

Explorer™ for Flow Assurance has been developed in conjunction with Discovery™, the world's first pipeline inspection tool that provides a full CT scan and a detailed tomographic image of subsea pipeline contents. Discovery™ is utilised to further investigate flow abnormalities to characterise deposition build-up such as hydrate, wax, asphaltene or scale once Explorer ™ has determined the location of the suspected blockage area. Both technologies non-intrusively scan the line, eliminating the need to remove the coating or interrupt production, creating a cost effective solution to flow assurance issues. Explorer™ and Discovery™ combine to enhance understanding when diagnosing flow assurance problems, allowing operators to effectively plan for remedial action.

For more information on Explorer™ for Flow Assurance please fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you.

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