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Tracerco's Flow Assurance Services can determine the exact location, extent and nature of blockages or restrictions in order for operators to take corrective action, without risking damage to the subsea pipeline, interrupting or stopping production.

Research indicates that 50-80% of remediation attempts fail first time, whilst attempting remediation more than once at least doubles the cost. Tracerco's Flow Assurance Services can enable operators to pinpoint exactly where there is a restriction or a blockage in a subsea pipeline, and identify and characterise what that deposit is. i.e. wax desposition, hydrate formation, asphaltene deposition, sand deposition or scale build-up. With this knowledge, operators can reduce both the operational costs and the downtime impact of ineffectual remediation to ensure that remediation is right first time and efficiently get back to optimum production.

 Finding deposits in a pipeline

Pipeline Blockage

Tracerco provides a range of non-intrusive services to quickly and accurately identify pipeline deposit build up and pipe blockage locations, all in real-time without the need for pipeline preparation.

Pipeline Commissioning and Decommissioning

Stuck Pig

Established to provide 100% accurate, safe and reliable pipeline pig tracking, Tracerco's Pig Tracking services can provide fast, effective and complete control of subsea pig tracking, positioning and location

Pig Tracking

Flow Measurement

A Tracerco Diagnostics Flow study can measure the flow rate/velocity and determine the amount of any deposition build-up in subsea pipelines. This allows operators to optimise pig cleaning campaigns and pipeline dosing chemicals. This can result in significant cost savings and limit the environmental impact of unnecessary chemical dosing.

Pipeline Commissioning and Decommissioning

Pipe-in-Pipe Annulus Integrity Management

Determine if pipe-in-pipe annulus is flooded and thermal protection is compromised with a Subsea Neutron Backscatter service to determine annulus integrity.

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