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Tracerco Diagnostics™ Subsea Neutron Backscatter

Deployed using divers or a ROV, the Tracerco Subsea Neutron Backscatter service non-intrusively measures vapour/liquid interfaces within mid water arches, buoyancy tanks and other subsea structures to provide operators with confirmation of the presence and level of liquids within subsea structures.

This provides operators with an accurate profile of the content within a tank or a vessel which can be used as an integral part of subsea maintenance, repair and inspection programs.

A Tracerco Diagnostics™ Subsea Neutron Backscatter can also determine whether pipe-in-pipe annulus is dry or flooded. This enables operators to accurately determine annulus integrity, and provides an indication of the likelihood of a pipeline blockage or a flow assurance issue occurring due to the loss of thermal protection from the cold external sea water. If the integrity pipe-in-pipe annulus is determined to have been breached, the Tracerco Explorer™ and Discovery™ technologies can be used to confirm the presence of any deposition build-up at these locations.

For more information about the Tracerco Subsea Neutron Backscatter service, please fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you.

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