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A fast, effective and reliable method to detect the level of oil, fuel or water within storage or ballast tanks of submerged vessels

Benefits of Tracerco’s wreck removal and salvage technology:

  • Allows pollution management control
  • Facilitates critical environmental impact decision making
  • Detects oil, fuels, air and water
  • Save time on removal procedures
  • Live data feed and analysis
  • Unique to industry

Predicting the amount of hydrocarbons (or water) in sunken vessels prior to recovery can be crucial in terms of avoiding environmental incidents and formulating the optimum recovery plan. Tracerco's technology can be deployed to address a wide range of scenarios including an unforeseen accident (remaining fuel quantification) or the assessment of remaining fuel in sunken vessels.

Wreck and salvage

There are thousands of sunken ships with the possibility of their hulls disintegrating due to corrosion. They thus provide a source of potentially catastrophic and unpredictable pollution. The 'peak leak' period for those vessels is believed to be closing in rapidly and therefore with the use of our technology the remaining quantities and locations of fuel or oil can be quickly determined. Thus, appropriate remedial action can be taken for example, as part of a 'Wreck oil removal program'. This not only creates a safer environment for the future but also speeds up the recovery process by allowing a targeted and focused removal plan to be implemented.

Our measurement system provides critical information for the management of hydrocarbons contained within submerged or sunken vessels, thus preventing or controlling any unwanted release to the marine environment. Bunker fuel is a heavy oil that has a damaging effect on marine life and fisheries. Therefore, its removal is key to ensuring a safer marine environment in the future.

For more information on Tracerco’s wreck removal and salvage technology please fill out an enquiry form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you.

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