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Instrumentation Support Services

A nucleonic instrumentation provider offering a full and comprehensive range of in-house support services.

At Tracerco, we like to ensure that the postive customer experience continues after the purchase of our products. We offer full local support, training, maintenance and optimisation expertise for all of our products including source licensing, importing and storage (until required for commissioning).

Our service and support team includes a network of highly experienced instrumentation engineers and radiation protection consultants. Their extensive practical knowledge and understanding of some of the most complex process problems the industry encounters ensures fast and effective support. With our strategically located offices worldwide, we can assist with source delivery, storage, license regulations and commissioning.

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Our instrument support services include:

Legislative Compliance

Leak test certification - periodic leak tests must be carried out to ensure that radioactive material has not leaked and caused contamination.

System health checks - annual/bi-annual function testing and inspection of your measurement system components ensure continued operability and compliance.

Radiological critical examinations - documented assessment following installation of equipment or following changes made that may affect the system.

Source integrity assessments - assessment of radioactive sources at or near to recommended working life.

Equipment integrity reports - a thorough inspection is carried out on source containers, shutter mechanisms and arming rods every five years.


Performance assessment - in addition to re-calibrations and trip testing we can establish present day accuracy of your system. Such information can ensure existing equipment continues to meet requirements now and in the future.

Validation services - this mobile, non-intrusive diagnostic facility gives you ultimate confidence in determining the position of level or interfaces within an application.

Field Services

Pre-commissioning services - include site surveys and installation supervision of equipment by local Tracerco personnel.

Repair, refurbish, relocate - repair, refurbish or relocate your existing Tracerco equipment and provide all of the necessary documentation.

Remove, recycle, replace - manage and remove, recycle and replace sources.

Benefits include:

  • Elimination of errors due to changes in the process/vessel condition.
  • Maintenance of equipment due to wear and tear or damage over time.
  • Maximised life and performance from the measurement system.
  • Ensuring the equipment meets all of the required regulations (e.g. Labelling, dose rates, signage, locks).
  • Swab tests and certification.
  • Upgrade to current state of the art detectors and software with support.


Training courses are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of our instrumentation systems to allow efficient operation and maintenance as well as basic radiation safety.

Comprehensive training courses are tailored to provide delegates with the essential knowledge and understanding that will enable them to operate and maintain your measurement system. Training can be delivered at any of our regional offices or at your premises.

Training modules include:

  • Radiation awareness, hazards and source container safety - Nucleonic instruments theory
  • Level/trip and auxiliary equipment practical course
  • Density/trip and auxiliary equipment practical course
  • Software configuration, instrument calibration and fault finding diagnostics exercises
  • Practical fault-finding using our training equipment

To discuss tailoring a maintenance and support plan to meet your needs please fill out an enquiry form and we will get back to you.

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